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These 5 signs tells your man is a porn addict…

These 5 signs tells your man is a porn addict – Has his naughty little habit gone too far?

People who are addicted to porn now have the option to logon to websites, discuss their desires and preferences and have immediate and free access to any images, videos or video chats that they want.


While people are generally pretty open about viewing pornography online, it is still, to some extent, a hidden addiction in many relationships.

addicted to porn

Unfortunately, many people use porn as a way to spice up their sex lives, but then, one partner is unable to switch the desire off and instead, becomes addicted. If you suspect your partner has a porn addiction, there are five telltale signs to watch for. Note: a lot of what you will notice is not that different from an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

1. Using the computer only in private. This behavior allows the addict to surf the web and view content without your knowledge. If you happen to walk in, does the webpage immediately close with no explanation?

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