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Top 10 surprising facts about Facebook – Things you never knew!

Facts about Facebook: Facebook is one of several social media websites that have changed the way that we use the Internet and how we interact with our friends, family members and peers. Those of us who have had a Facebook profile since the website first opened up over a decade no longer have to attend events such as class reunions. We have a reunion whenever we log onto the site and see that our former classmates now have children of their own and that they just acquired new jobs.


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Facebook does all of the work for us, and it allows us to check in with the world via any device that can access the Internet.

Facebook has done well to take every part of the online social experience and put it on one website. You can, as an example, upload photos via Twitter, but that site does not allow you share entire albums that can be viewed via a single click as is the case on Facebook. Instagram allows you to share photos in seconds, but that app does not offer a chat option as does Facebook. Videos, news links, and short personal posts that are typed via 140 characters or less: Facebook has it all, and those running the company are constantly working on improving the site.

Much of the history of Facebook was made public via The Social Network, a fantastic movie that exposed the background of the company and of those who founded the social media website. That movie highlighted just how important one specific person was in taking Facebook from something that college students would use when they were ignoring their homework to what that website has become today. You may not know, however, that multiple companies had opportunities to cash in on the Facebook phenomenon before it became a worldwide sensation used by millions of individuals, but those potential life-changing investments never occurred.

10. The Pirate Language option


It seems as if a day cannot go by without some sort of hoax regarding Facebook hits either that entity or some other website. Some of them involve links that supposedly lead to opportunities to win giveaways when in reality they are attempts to hack into personal accounts. One thing that is very real, however, is the ability to change the language for your personal Facebook page, and that includes utilizing the “English (Pirate)” option. With just a handful of clicks, you can turn your Facebook experience into one that reads like a Pirates of the Caribbean script, perfect for those “Talk Like a Pirate” days.



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