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10 amazing body part reattachment surgeries you won’t believe (+Photos)

6. Reattachment of Head to Spine After Car Crash



In 2014, Tony Cowan was driving in Britain when he hit a speed bump that caused his vehicle to be wrapped around a telephone pole. When Cowan was found, he was without a heartbeat and his head was snapped off from his spine — only muscle and tissue keeping his head on. Paramedics immediately resuscitated Cowan’s heart, then rushed him to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle so that urgently needed surgery could be performed. There, Dr. Anant Kamat reattached Cowan’s skull to his spine with the use of bolts and metal plates. Fortunately, after months in intensive care, Cowan was able to regain limited facial movement and has been able to communicate through mime and an electric board. Communicating to media representatives through the board, the 29-year-old former bricklayer expressed his feelings about his ten-year partner as he professed, “I love Karen with all my heart, and I can’t wait to go back home to get back to the life I had.”



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