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10 amazing body part reattachment surgeries you won’t believe (+Photos)

5. Reattachment of Forearm After Crocodile Attack



On April 11, 2007, Chang Po-yu, a veterinarian at the Shoushan Zoo in China, believed he had administered a tranquilizer to one of the zoo’s crocodiles, so he fearlessly reached into its cage. However, it turned out that he had mistakenly given the crocodile a dose of antibiotics, and the reptile ended up tearing off half of Chang’s left arm just below the elbow. Horrifying images of the severed arm in the crocodile’s mouth soon went viral, but what wasn’t widely circulated afterwards was that the vet’s arm was later successfully reattached by surgeons at Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital. As of the end of May, 2009, Chang had undergone six operations to restore the arm, and although blood circulation to it had been restored, additional operations were expected. Surprisingly, the veterinarian claimed that he held no grudge against the crocodile and was raring to go back to work.



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