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10 celebrity couples most likely to split before 2015 runs out.. (With Pictures)

5. Russell Wilson And Ciara


Russell Wilson is the Seattle Seahawks’ star quarterback and Ciara is a famous singer. The athlete-musician combination is a scary one to start, but it has worked in the past with the Beckhams and a few others. SEE ALSO: 12 Rich celebs who don’t help their poor siblings (With Pictures)

Both Wilson, 26, and Ciara, 29, are in their 20s which generally means they have a lot of time to screw things up. Still, the Beckhams also got married at a younger age and they are still together. You shouldn’t necessarily believe gossip sites, but rumors have swirled that Wilson’s past relationships included infidelity. Is this true? Not necessarily, but it is true that Russell Wilson is a very religious man who is waiting until marriage to have sex with Ciara. It is also true that Ciara has a child with the rapper Future and this has caused conflict on social media, making their relationship very public. When you add it all up, it makes it hard to believe that Wilson and Ciara are likely to make it past the year, but then again, maybe it’s so crazy it might work.



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