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10 dumbest reasons kids got suspended from school (With Pictures)

4. Burping In The First Degree

There is a lot more to this one than just a kid accidentally burping in a classroom and getting in trouble. Let’s begin with what happened. A 13-year-old New Mexico boy was in his classroom belching. He was doing it for laughs and to annoy the teacher. The obnoxious kid was clearly in the wrong, but what happened next set off a firestorm of activity. The school called the police and he was handcuffed, arrested and brought to a juvenile facility. That’s right. This 13-year-old got hauled off by the police! The crime? Burping too loudly in class and disturbing other students. Clearly the crime (which there was none) did not fit the punishment. The boy was an ass and his parents clearly are terrible people for not teaching him better behavior and manners. But moving past all that, having a child handcuffed and arrested for burping is ridiculous. This naturally led to a civil rights lawsuit against the school, the principal, the teacher involved and the city’s police department. Obviously, being a bad parent didn’t preclude these people from trying to cash in on their child’s misbehavior. Everyone gets detention on this one.



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