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10 manly grooming habits women can’t stand – Make sure you see this!

10 Manly Grooming Habits That Women Can’t Stand

Habits women can’t stand: Males are such an interesting species; of course they would combat that statement and say women are more interesting (except they call it difficult). However, men tend to be a little more complicated, physically that is. They lack any kind of knowledge when it comes to grooming habits and there is certainly no in-between. They either groom too much and are quickly labelled metro-sexual, or they have no skills at all and think walking around with gunk between their toes is a normal part of life.


Manscaping has come a long way and continues to evolve over time. What was hot in the 1920s (i.e. that whisker looking mustache) is no longer “cool” or has been converted into an acceptable hybrid version of its past. The desire to look good does not always come as easy to some men and they periodically need guidance on what looks good (more importantly, what makes them look good and what is acceptable). When men fail at grooming it is a problem for both them and those who have to constantly be around them. Something as simple as too much cologne, a scruffy beard or not knowing the importance of regular clipping of their nails, is essential to a healthy love life and a happy significant other. So men, if you are confused about your daily grooming habits and how they are hindering you from finding and keeping that special girl; read on to see what could possibly be screwing you out of screwing.

10. Manage Your Hair 

Whoever said it was okay to have hair hanging in your face and “pulling off” the sloppy look was sexy, think again; the value of a good haircut can change your life. Besides that, maybe in high school it was cool to date a guy with unruly hair who sported a dirty, rundown beanie but as we get older, that crap becomes more unappealing and is a sure sign of immaturity coupled with a job that would never be able to support a possible wife and kids. The point being guys; a more manageable and presentable hair cut is not going to steal the joy from your life, and don’t you want to leave your house looking presentable?



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