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10 Sure signs she will be very boring in bed..

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Signs she will be very boring in bed – Lets be honest, ladies, most of us think we are pretty awesome in bed. The reason we all think this is because no guy has ever complained about our performance. However, the truth is that there is a chance you suck in bed.


Most people think that when it comes to intercourse, the man is the one who sets the tone of the performance. That is so not true. Women and men play different roles when it comes to sex. Although sex is portrayed everywhere, it is still a topic couples have trouble talking about. It’s not like a man can tell the woman he is sleeping with that she sucks in bed, and sadly a lot of the time sex is make-it-or-break-it in relationships.

The following are ten signs she will be bad in bed. Read on, guys, so you don’t find yourself falling in love with a starfish (a woman who just lays there). Whether we admit it or not, sex is a huge part of relationships – it is a way of connecting with someone on a physical and emotional level at the same time. However, if you are not compatible with someone in the bedroom, it will definitely take a toll on your relationship.

10. She’s a Bad Kisser

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Kissing can be deceiving. Sometimes the best kissers are the worst lovers, but that’s unusual. If a girl is a bad kisser, chances are she won’t blow your mind in bed. Kissing is an extremely sensual act, which wields the power to turn a man on and even make him fall in love with you. However, it can have the opposite effect as well. If a woman’s kiss does not get you going, then chances are she is going to be just as boring in the bedroom. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sleep with a girl if she isn’t a good kisser, I mean it’s always worth a try!

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