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12 bra problems every girl can relate to (With Pics)

12 bra problems every girl can relate to

Bra problems: Bras, what can anyone say about them? It seems as though you have to take the good and bad and the in between when it comes to finding a bra that is even somewhat likeable. Let’s be honest, we as women don’t wear bras for our sake, we wear them because we want to turn our significant other on with how sexy our lingerie is. The truth is bras can be quite uncomfortable; a slight inconvenience and torture to shop for.


Raise your hand if you enjoy bra shopping; if you raised your hand this could only mean one thing, you have given up on finding the right bra and you now pick up anything that remotely looks and feels like it fits. Oh and to top it off, you don’t have a favorite store to go to, you’re not picky any old Winners, Macy’s or Burlington Coat Factory will do. If you have reached this level of enlightenment, please share your secret with the rest of us who are dying out here looking for the perfect bra. These booby covers seem to cause more stress than helpfulness; they come with a range of problems that include too tight, too ugly, too big or just to stressful to even put on. If you have experienced one of these bra problems please do not hesitate to comment below, chances are you are not the only one. Now, read on to see some of the most annoying problems that come along with finding the “perfect” bra.

12. Bye Bye Wires


Not because we wear wireless bras but because the wire always seems to find its way out of the bra to poke the hell out of your side and cause major discomfort throughout the day. That is until you can find a time to sneak away and pull the wire out inch by inch. Yes, we could easily avoid this by purchasing bras without wires but let’s be honest, wireless bras do not support all body types and breast sizes; if you are a 40DD and you attempt a bra without the wire to hold up the bottom of the boob, there is no support there.



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