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12 Rich celebs who don’t help their poor siblings (With Pictures)

11. Jimmy Carter

Former president Jimmy Carter’s brother Billy, has long been an embarrassment to the family. Billy has had an addiction to drugs and alcohol for quite some time, and has even been seen using the bathroom on an airport runway. President Carter and his family aren’t looking to help Billy financially, because they see that he is not interested in getting sober. We’re not sure if or to what extent Jimmy Carter has helped his brother in the past, but it wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume that he’s likely done all he can for Billy. President Carter is now suffering from a cancer relapse that has spread to his brain, so all his strength (and his family’s strength) is likely focused on doing everything possible to improve his health.


10. Lindsay Lohan

Perhaps actress Lindsay Lohan is not intentionally trying not to help her sister, Ali. Well, not completely, anyway. However, Lindsay’s reputation as an irresponsible party girl in Hollywood definitely hasn’t been beneficial for Ali. Ali has dreams of being a model, and reportedly, no agencies will work with her because she’s related to Lindsay. Executives are skeptical about giving Ali a chance, because they don’t want to run the risk that she’ll show up late to work and cost the company money with her bad behavior. It’s also been rumored that Lindsay won’t give Ali the funds to get her modeling career started. Maybe Lindsay is afraid her sister will be more successful than her, or maybe she just can’t spare the cash right now because she’s trying to revive her own career.



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