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12 Rich celebs who don’t help their poor siblings (With Pictures)

8. Gordon Ramsay

Some think that Ramsay’s cold persona and demanding antics as a celebrity chef are just an act, but there may be some truth to them. Gordon Ramsay’s brother is addicted to drugs, which has been really hard on the family. Gordon and his family are not the type to discuss their personal family issues often. However, when they do discuss them, they have no problems discussing the fact that having a family member dealing with addiction is very stressful. Ramsay is not financially supporting his brother, and that is most likely because he knows that most of his hard-earned money will be used to support a destructive habit.


7. The Kardashian/Jenner Sisters

Everyone knows the Kardashian girls are rich, and their younger sisters, the Jenners, are making a name for themselves as well. These women are involved in everything from reality shows, fragrances, fashion, retail and public appearances, and they make millions. However, their brother Robert Kardashian, hasn’t enjoyed this type of success. He’s definitely not poor compared to average standards, but all the business ventures he’s tried on his own haven’t exactly taken off. Robert even lived with Khloe for a while, and his mom Kris pretty much takes care of his bills. His siblings have tried to help him in the past with money and advice, but it looks like he doesn’t want to hear it, so they’re less willing to come to his aid now.



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