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12 Rich celebs who don’t help their poor siblings (With Pictures)

5. Dane Cook

Actor and comedian Dane Cook, isn’t willing to help his brother financially anymore because his brother decided to “help himself” to Dane’s money illegally. Dane Cook’s brother and his brother’s wife reportedly embezzled about $12 million from the star. This solved the mystery of why Cook’s brother was suddenly wealthy and able to make pretty significant purchases. The man and his wife were tried for their crime and spent time in jail. Now, they’re pretty poor, but they should probably look to someone other than Dane Cook for help. It’s a shame that sometimes your own siblings will be so jealous of your success that they’ll actually steal from you just to get a taste of your lifestyle.


4. Madonna

It probably doesn’t often occur to people that legendary pop singer Madonna, does, in fact, have a family. When someone goes by one name for so long, it’s hard to imagine that they are biologically connected to anyone else. Madonna has a brother named Anthony, who is definitely not as well-off as she is. She refuses to help him out financially anymore, because he struggles with alcohol and drug addiction. Apparently, the singer has tried to help her brother get clean on more than one occasion, but hasn’t been effective, so he’s been cut off, money-wise. After all, Madonna does have children to take care of and a lifestyle to maintain.



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