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12 ways to get out of a relationship rut – You should see this


Ways to get out of a relationship: Every men’s magazine and women’s magazine addresses this issue time and time again. There is a pretty good reason for this. There is no single recipe for a perfect relationship. Science cannot answer this question completely or even partially. So we have to try time and time again to figure it out. Although like so many other things scientists have studied, seeing what makes successful relationships fruitful can help us come close to keeping the flame going.


Even the most successful relationships have pitfalls. Typically if a relationship is in a rut, the first question we ask ourselves is if the relationship is worth saving? That is a question for another article. For this article, it is assumed that the answer is yes. Here is the most confusing part. Not all articles give the same advice. For example, some will say to keep some distance, while others will say to do more things together. The answer is a balancing act that combines everything that while good on paper, is harder to enact in real life.

Everything here is common sense. Of course we all need to be reminded of these things from time to time. The key to any strong relationship is trust. Without that, nothing indicated in the article below will get you out of your rut. Having said that, here are 12 things that can help you get your relationship back on track.

12. The Golden Rule

Let’s start off with a few of the boring and simple things that you actually need. Not to bring religion into the equation, but the golden rule is important. Do unto your lover as you would have done unto you. Don’t demand special treatment from your partner that you would be unwilling to offer in return. Strive for respect, especially in communication. Contempt is the opposite of respect and often manifests itself in constant criticism and sarcasm regarding the worth of an individual. This can is known as “Being tough on the person and soft on the issue”. Never get personal by attacking the person. Always attack the issue. Remember, always think about how you would like to be treated. A happy partner helps out in so many ways. If you are living together or are married, this also means trying your best to split the chores and contribute to the financial success of the couple. In both cases it is important to agree to specific items that each member must perform.



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