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12 ways to get out of a relationship rut – You should see this

5. Scheduling

What do we mean? Isn’t that something you do for work and for chores? Think about it, everything in this article takes time. Considering 50 hours a week are spent working and commuting, and 56 hours are spent sleeping, whats left? Approximately 62 hours. So what do we schedule? Talk time (20 minutes a day as mentioned before). Alone time (Spend 2 evenings a week scheduling time to be alone with each other and not just for sex). Also schedule time everyday to spend a few minutes with your partner in silence. But earlier we said communication is the key, so why silence? If you can trust each other enough, then you should be comfortable being with each other and not be paranoid around silence. Finally it’s a good idea to schedule sex. But shouldn’t sex be spontaneous? So far in this article, many things were listed to keep a spark going, so if you schedule a time for sex what’s the problem? The spark should already be there. Believe it or not, married couples have more sex than single people by a long mile. So schedule it.



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