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20 celebrities who’ve been attacked by their fans (With Pics)

18. Britney Spears

shutterstock_Britney Spears

Everyone loves Britney Spears, right? She also has a huge fan following and they continue to support her through all of her victories and struggles. Yet there are still plenty of absolutely crazy fans who try to get all up in Brit’s grill. When she was performing at a concert and singing the song “Womanizer,” a guy jumped onto the stage and just went full-on crazy in front of her. She was scared and creeped out. This actually happens a lot to Britney. During a performance in Oregon, Brit was attacked by a super-fan again. She played it off and continued with her Femme Fatale Tour.

17. Miley Cyrus

shutterstock_Miley Cyrus (2)

Miley Cyrus will never get a break, whether she is portraying herself as a good girl or a bad girl. Back in 2011 when she was still an okay celebrity, she was singing at a concert in Melbourne. She was getting her peace and love on, when some weird dude jumped onto the stage, ran down the catwalk to Miley and grabbed her from behind. Fortunately, Miley’s body guards were right behind him and they made a grab for him while Miley was scared out of her mind. She screamed “Oh my God!” and quickly ran away backstage while the crowd went wild.



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