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20 celebrities who’ve been attacked by their fans (With Pics)

10. Avril Lavigne

Via Bigstock Images

Via Bigstock Images

In another South American concert, pop-rock singer Avril Lavigne was attacked by a fan. She was absolutely freaked out by the surprise attack, in which a guy climbed onto the stage while the Canadian singer was not looking. He tried to give her a full frontal hug, and she screamed bloody murder. The Brazilian crowd was scared for her, but she quickly recovered and laughed it off before continuing on with the show. In another instance, Avril was chased and stalked by a fan at night. He kept following Avril and her friend and kept asking to take a picture. She ran, but he kept following her.

9. Justin Bieber

shutterstock_Justin Bieber (2)

The Biebs was performing in Dubai when a crazy adoring fan attacked the young baby-faced singer. When he was nearing the end of his concert, a fan ran on the stage, grasps Justin from behind in a huge bear hug, and tried to take a selfie with the pop star. The Biebs was playing on a grand piano at the time and the instrument flipped over from all of the commotion. Justin’s security team quickly scrambled into action and grabbed the weird fan and escorted him out of the arena. Despite all of the craziness, the singer seemed to be okay and went on with the show.



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