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20 celebrities you didn’t know have undergone breast reduction – This will shock you! (With Pics)


Celebrities you didn’t know have undergone breast reduction – It seems that a lot of women these days yearn for larger breasts. Well, for these twenty celebs, having a large chest was not so great after all.


While they may have been endowed with some rather hefty assets, things were not as wonderful as some may think, and these women had to resort to going under the knife. While many women risk it all to enlarge their breasts, these celebs did the exact opposite.

Read on to learn about 20 celebrities you didn’t know have undergone breast reduction surgery. You may be surprised to learn that some of the actresses you have known of for years actually used to be quite voluptuous in the chest area! Even so, these ladies still look great, even those that are transitioning into older age.

There are many reasons why a woman would want to reduce the size of her breasts. Perhaps the most common reason of all is the pain and discomfort is creates for the back. It takes a lot of back strength to keep those babies up! Another reason for breast reduction surgery is an exasperation from all of the catcalls and construction-worker whistles. We would definitely hate that too!

20. Jennifer Connelly

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First on our list is actress Jennifer Connelly, who was rumored to have received breast reduction surgery. It was also observed that she had lost a lot of weight, not that she was heavy to begin with, but she was much more curvaceous in the past. With the weight loss, perhaps her breasts had decreased in size, or perhaps it was just the result of some surgery. On the other hand, Jennifer was rumored to have gotten breast implants at a younger age, so maybe she regretted that decision and got them taken out! Clearly, there are loads of plastic surgery rumors surrounding this actress.

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