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20 extremely painful injuries that almost killed WWE wrestlers (With Pictures)


Painful injuries that almost killed WWE wrestlers – One of the biggest arguments a wrestling fan may have with someone who doesn’t understand the sport is whether or not the events that occur in the WWE are “real”.


While it is no secret that the over-the-top storylines are scripted by writers, and professional wrestlers are taught tricks of the trade to stay safe while leaping from the top rope or taking an opponent through a table, the bumps, bruises, and injuries inflicted during a match are certainly real.

Professional wrestling requires athleticism and in-ring skills, and even the best wrestlers who stay in shape and take care to follow all of the rules of in-ring safety have suffered from an injury during an exhausting match. In some cases, the writers attempt to write the injury into a storyline, such as when Rusev recently injured his ankle and broke up with Lana.

Other times, however, the injuries are so severe that they almost kill the wrestler and may even end the person’s career. This just goes to show that while some aspects of wrestling aren’t exactly as they appear, other moments are very dangerous. Here, we look at the top 20 injuries in the WWE that were painful to watch and dangerous for those involved.

20. Joey Mercury Gets Injured…and Released

Joey Mercury made his debut again after a suspension at 2006’s Armageddon event. During a match with the Hardy Boyz, a botched move by Jeff Hardy resulted in a ladder smacking Mercury right in the face. He fell out of the ring, obviously dazed and very injured. Luckily, he only ended up with a broken nose and cuts on his face. After getting stitched up and recovering, he made a return to the ring. However, he came back with a protective face mask, and his personality and wrestling style just seemed different to fans. The WWE noticed, too – not long after his return, he was released by the company.

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