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20 famous people you don’t know have scoliosis – This will shock you! (+Pictures)

Shailene-Woodley-Divergent-London-033014_3famous people you don’t know have

Famous people you don’t know have scoliosis: Scoliosis may be a lot more prevalent than you think! This disease occurs when the spine curves in an abnormal way to the side, rather than straight and vertically downward. This can cause a rounded back that is hard to support while sitting or standing, and can lead to back pain and mild to severe discomfort. There are varying levels of scoliosis and some people are born with the condition while others develop it over time.


Here is our list of 20 Famous People You Probably Don’t Know Have Scoliosis. These celebs have been diagnosed with the disease and have either received enough help to combat it or are still taking steps to keep it in check. You wouldn’t know it from looking at these successful and healthy-looking stars, but being famous does not make you immune to developing health issues. We all know that too well!

From athletes and singers to actors and dancers, these entertainers have been doing stretches, exercising, and wearing back braces to help with their scoliosis. Their reasons for getting it are varied: trauma to the bones, an unknown cause, or diagnosis at birth. Only 2-3% of the adolescents in the United States have scoliosis, but here are 20 celebs that you may never have suspected.

20. Sarah Michelle Gellar

shutterstock_Sarah Michelle Gellar 

Sure, Sarah Michelle Gellar is absolutely gorgeous, not to mention totally kick-ass! Yet she too gets down about her body sometimes. One of the reasons for this is her bout with scoliosis. The actress has realized that being a parent means that you put your own priorities on the backburner, and that does help with focusing less on scrutinizing your body and more on providing for your child. She combats her scoliosis by using the treadmill on a regular basis and doing Pilates. Not only is Pilates great for helping with posture, but it tones up and provides a great workout!

19. Usain Bolt

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Who would have thought that the fastest man on earth would have a problem with his spine? Certainly not us! Yet it turns out that Olympian and super-human Usain Bolt was born with the spinal defect. Some have even speculated that the scoliosis may have been to his benefit while sprinting and running on the track. The shorter bends on one side of the back may make leaning forward for more momentum a bit easier, but scoliosis is a disease and can be a painful one at that. Depending on the severity of it, surgery may even be required to fix it.



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