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Top 10 celebrities with the dirtiest homes (+Photos)


Celebrities with the dirtiest homes – The public looks up to celebrities as shining examples of the best in their craft. Whether they’re actors, singers, dancers or both – these people are generally regarded as untouchable and superior to the average person in most regards. They drive sparkling, expensive cars and live in mansions filled with only the finest of furnishings and appliances.


We see them at appearances decked out in the best designer clothing and dripping in luxurious jewelry with their hair and makeup perfectly done – making all of us believe that everything in the world must be perfect. However, what we don’t realize is that all this celebrity has to do most days is show up, sit in a chair and have everybody else do the work on their outward appearance for them. They’re surrounded by the best stylists, make-up artists and assistants and generally aren’t used to doing very much themselves.

This same principle is applied to celebrities’ homes. The average person moves out of their parents’ place when they become an adult and learn how to cook, clean and decorate for themselves as nobody else is around to do it for them. But when you’re a famous singer or actor, you easily have the means to pay somebody else to do it for you – making it almost impossible for anyone to learn how to do it themselves. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the ten dirtiest celebrity homes. From leaving dishes full of food under the bed to not picking up after pets, it’s clear that the famous people on this list were never taught how to properly manage a household – much to the dismay of their nannies.

10. Kristen Stewart


Kristin Stewart‘s notoriously questionable personal hygiene apparently also manifests itself when it comes to her housekeeping. One of her former housekeepers has revealed to tabloids that the Twilight actress has a nasty chain-smoking habit and leaves cigarette butts everywhere. She puffs away like a chimney and doesn’t pick up after herself, leaving butts in the shower, in potted plants and even once in the fridge.

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