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How to start a conversation with a girl for the first time – This will help you..

Scenario 2: Start a conversation with a girl shopping in the store, and ask the pretty girl to help you out with your shopping.

I hope you picked Scenario 2. You know why, because the pizzas and the beer can’t get any worse. Your raging hormones on the other hand can.

Anyways, believe it or not, the shopping girl would love to help you shop, and she would also love to give you her secret recipe to make it taste even better. This is true unless she’s wearing a T-Shirt that says “My cooking sucks, but thankfully so do I”, in which case you’ve struck gold anyways. You could even ask her to help you cook the meal and join you for lunch, and whatever that follows.

There’s always something that gives a girl a good feeling about a man who accepts that he is terrible in doing something and needs her help… maybe it’s his helplessness that draws her. Or maybe she’s just into male-bashing.

But in all cases, women love to mould men. So if you look helpless and lost, she’s want to help you even more.

The next time you go shopping for clothes alone, make it a point to ask the pretty maiden shopping by herself (if you ever find one shopping by herself!) if the shirt you just tried looks good on you. Be sincere and try not to look like a prick with a wide toothy grin when you ask her that.

Remember, you’re trying to start a conversation with a girl here. So be warm and absolutely genuine. Chances are she may even help you pick a nice tee for yourself (so what if it was a two grand designer sweatshirt at the end of the month). And you could always ask her out for a coffee so you can thank her for helping you.



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