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5 major reasons why women keep going back to their ex-boyfriends!

4. No One Else Can Have Him – You see that he has begun a new relationship while stalking him on Facebook. So you begin stalking her.

Even though you don’t know her, you have formed an opinion of her and it’s not a good one. She doesn’t know him like you do, so there is no way she could make him happy like you used to.

You were the one that he first cried in front of, and you were the first to show him how good loving could be. You share a history, so why does she think she can make him happier?

Well, you know what? She probably can make him happy and she probably will. And just because you two broke up, it doesn’t mean he can’t be with anyone else. Let him go and be grateful that he has someone else in his life that can give him what you couldn’t.

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Because one day, you are going to be in his shoes and have someone who is so suited to you, that you will want everyone to be as happy for you as you are for yourself.



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