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5 major reasons why women keep going back to their ex-boyfriends!

5. It’s Not Fair That He’s Happy – How can he look so good and happy while you are still eating tubs of ice cream in your old, faded bathrobe at 2 o’clock in the afternoon?

“It’s not fair!” You silently scream. And it’s not. Sometimes life is not fair. But you crying about it isn’t going to do anything except give you puffy eyes.

For him to look good, he is probably spending time on himself instead of wallowing like you are. He’s probably out and about meeting new people instead of being stuck inside, stalking Facebook, and crying into his cell to his BFF.

Guess what? Sometimes we have to face facts. We need to kick ourselves in the butt and get out of our self indulgent rut.

And if we start working on ourselves, and looking at our own beauty in the mirror instead of faults, we too can be happy.

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And we can be happy on our own or with someone new. Let go of him today and grab hold of the new you, starting right now!

Anna Bella

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