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The 15 most famous strip clubs in the world – See which is #1 & their locations..

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Famous strip clubs: The figure of the female stripper is one that has consistently excited our imaginations. Some of the most memorable women in popular mythology have been removers of clothes, from the early-Christian Salome to Satine from Moulin Rouge!. And because she intoxicates us into forgetfulness while boldly espousing manipulative seduction as a means of sustenance, the stripper will continue to fascinate our feeble minds.


We tend to think of strippers as intravenous drug users or the braless result of paternal neglect, but we can’t forget that Nicki Minaj played the part of a stripper in the artwork for “Anaconda,” but then made an album that directly challenged Jay Z‘s industry supremacy. If she’s not a stripper, then what is she? No other possible answer, but it’s only okay to say she’s a stripper once one has recognized that sometimes use of wicked wiles can bring great things.

Therefore when we look at the list of the fifteen best strip clubs in the world, we are not imagining women trapped but women liberated. If narratives of female seduction are as enticing as narratives of female domination, let’s choose to look at them thus, and imagine a bit of agency unto the girls up on those poles.

15. Le Crazy Horse – Paris, France


Opened back in 1951, this place is a testament to France’s longstanding commitment to libertine sex. While Americans were eating Wonderbread and spying on their communist neighbors, Frenchmen were going to see shows at Le Crazy Horse.

It’s still open now, and its infamy as one of sex’s premiere institutions has attracted big names. Pamela Anderson performed there a few years ago and Beyonce filmed her “Partition” video there. If the Moulin Rouge was the place to be during the Belle Epoque, then today it is Le Crazy Horse, obviously still in Paris.



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