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Top 20 most disappointing dream teams in sports history

Top 20 Most Disappointing Dream Teams In Sports History- barcelona

Disappointing dream teams: The term “Dream Team” is one that will, for American sports fans, always conjure up memories of the 1992 United States Men’s Olympic Basketball Team that featured arguably the greatest roster of basketball players ever assembled. National Basketball Association royalty such as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, David Robinson and others steamrolled through the Barcelona Summer Olympics, carving up opponents while at the same time delighting international crowds who followed the squad around Spain as if they were the Rolling Stones.


The ’92 Dream Team was the first of its kind, and it will never truly be replicated.

With that said, the idea of piecing extremely talented athletes together to make for a squad of superstars for tournaments and competitive leagues did not originate back in 1992, and it is a notion that has been repeated by domestic and international coaches, general managers and sporting directors for years. The New York Yankees made the concept work several times in the late 1990s. One could say the same about the Boston Red Sox teams that won championships in 2004 and 2007, although the Red Sox rarely receive criticism for “buying” World Series titles. That, however, is another story for another piece.

There are also numerous instances of clubs and franchises attempting to build “Dream Teams” only for that idea to fail and fail spectacularly. Somewhat ironically is that the squad that is atop the list of the most lackluster superstar teams in history is one that represented the United States during a Summer Olympic basketball tournament. That team, most notably the way that it flopped in the competition, left little doubt that the rest of the world had caught up to the US in men’s basketball, and it caused a shift in the way that USA Basketball built squads for future international tournaments.

20. 2001 “Alliance” Team



Just because this involved pro wrestling, does not mean that it does not deserve recognition as being one of the worst “Dream Teams” ever. The World Wrestling Federation stood tall as the last great North American wrestling company in March of 2001 when members of the old World Championship Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling organizations “invaded” the WWF. Existing contracts and other matters kept many big names such as Scott Steiner, Goldberg and others from participating in the Alliance, and fans instead were presented with a “watered down” version of what should have been an all-time great storyline.

19. 18-1 New England Patriots



What you have to remember about the 2007 New England Patriots is not just that they went 18-0 before taking on the New York Giants in the Super Bowl. The Patriots were heavy favorites to blow the Giants right out of the water in Arizona. Even local New York radio hosts were predicting that Big Blue was going to be the last victim of New England’s pursuit of perfection. The Giants had other ideas, and New York pulled off the upset thanks to a menacing pass rush and a helmet catch that will live on for generations to come. “18-1” will be the cry of Giants fans whenever these two teams meet up on the field of battle.



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