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10 celebrities who did gross things in public (With Pictures)

9. Justin Bieber – Milk Was A Bad Choice

Justin Bieber has gotten a lot slack for embarrassing moments. He was caught egging a neighbor’s house and had to pay up big damages. Then there was the infamous pot smoking incident with his father on a private jet in which the pilots and flight attendants complained over the plane being turned into one giant hot-boxed aerial bong. But we are focused on something more private. Normally, if a person gets sick they rush to the bathroom to take care of the issue.

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However, in this instance, Bieber was on stage in the middle of a performance in Phoenix, Arizona. The 2012 concert made big news when Bieber, in the middle of singing the lyrics to “Out of Town Girl” had to turn away from the audience and puke all over the stage. Comically, the background track which included his voice continued as Bieber quickly stepped off stage. He returned and finished his performance. Bravo to Biebs though. When commenting about the incident, he blamed it on milk and made this brilliant Ron Burgundy-esqu quote, “milk was a bad choice.”



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