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10 celebrities who did gross things in public (With Pictures)

8. Kellen Winslow Jr. – Vaseline And A Target Parking Lot

If you are a professional athlete and the son of a football legend, you would think the common sense truck would have stopped off at your house. Not so with Kellen Winslow Jr.. Despite having a father that was used to the spotlight, Winslow Jr. didn’t get the memo on not embarrassing your family name. Parked in a Target parking lot in New Jersey near the tail end of his football career, Winslow went solo with some Vaseline and marijuana, enjoying all the amenities you could enjoy inside your own parked car.

In other words, he whipped it out and began to pleasure himself. A curious woman nearby approached the car. What’s even better is Winslow Jr. had his windows down! Dude, at least raise the tinted window! Comically, Winslow’s ridiculous excuse for the display was that he couldn’t find the nearest Boston Market. The public display got Winslow Jr. arrested for possession of a controlled substance but they let the “loaded weapon” in his hand charge slide. Although Boston Market had a lot of fun with Twitter on this one. They let Winslow Jr. know he could use their app and just GPS the store from now on.



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