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10 celebrities who did gross things in public (With Pictures)

5. Daniele Watts – Back Seat Lover

Watts was a typical young actress taking on small roles as they came. Then came her big break in Quinton Tarantino’s Django Unchained. Watts played a slave and has since enjoyed increased attention. But not all the attention she has received has been positive. Watts and her boyfriend, Brian Lucas, decided to have some impromptu fun in their car one sunny afternoon. They were having sex in their automobile on full display for everyone to see. Neighbors were not amused and called the LAPD to complain.

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After being caught red-handed, Watts later went on a tirade accusing the police of racial profiling. Despite Watts’s claims to throw down the racism card, she was trumped by audio that contradicted her lies. Watts and Lucas pleaded “no contest” and were court ordered to write an apology letter to the police department. Their first draft got rejected by the court (true story). They had to re-write the letter a second time.



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