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10 Shocking facts about the Faroe Islands (With Pictures)


Facts about the Faroe Islands – The Faroe Islands make for some of the more picturesque scenes that one will find anywhere in the world. Odds are that you are likely aware of the climate around the Faroe Islands.


You may not need to bundle up as you would during the northeast portion of the United States during the cold and brutal winter months, but you should also not plan on rocking shorts unless you are in the right place at the right time during your trip. It would not be all that surprising to learn that you have seen pictures of fog hovering over sections of the Faroe Islands if you have looked up the region via your favorite Internet search engine.

With that said, there are, without a doubt, things that those of you who have never been to the area do not know about the Faroe Islands. You probably, as an example, could not guess the amount of people who call the Faroe Islands home. Could you accurately guess the amount of traffic lights that are currently located on the Faroe Islands? Do you know how many prisons the Faroe Islands has as of the posting of this piece? These facts, along with other pieces of information, make for some interesting tidbits about a beautiful part of the world that could be an ideal vacation spot for you and your loved ones.

10. Not A Member of the European Union 

shutterstock_Faroe Islands

The list starts out with a piece of information that probably means little to somebody who would want to visit the region, but is nevertheless interesting. The Faroe Islands are not a member of the European Union despite the fact that it is a self-governing region. According to the Faroe Islands Tourist Guide, all trade that involves the Faroe Islands is governed by “special treaties.” All of this means that certain residents who were born and raised on the Faroe Islands may not be members of the European Union. There is something to be said for an entity having that kind of independence.

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