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10 signs your bromance is becoming toxic – Guys, see this now!

10 Signs Your Bromance Is Becoming Toxic theinfong.comSigns your bromance is becoming toxic: Ah, the bromance; it has always been around but only recently has someone come up with a perfectly fitting word to associate it with. A bromace consists of two male friends who are essentially attached at the hip. It is a combination of brother and romance; you love him but you are not gay, you would do anything for him but in a super platonic way and you feel comfortable falling asleep next to him in your boxers because you are totally comfortable with your sexuality around him.


Like women you share style tips, relationship advice and you are brutally honest because it is the best policy; but one has to question, what happens when your bromance starts to become a nuisance? When you cannot see yourself being able to spend another second with him without wanting to knock him out; your bromance has officially become a toxic mess. The stigma over ending a friendship does not just plague women, it burdens men as well and as much as we all like to believe that they have a cooler demeanor when it comes to dropping friends, they too feel the same embarrassment and feeling of failure as women do. A toxic bromance can destroy you and ultimately your friendship will crumble at the bits anyway; always do yourself a favor and cut ties with the misery. A miserable, jealous person can never want the best for you. If you think you are in a toxic bromance, read on to see a few signs of what you have in store if you have not experienced them already.

10. He Constantly Fights With Your Girlfriend 

There are several cases of guys hating their best friend’s girlfriend and even after she proves herself, he can only manage to hate her more. Jealousy has reared its ugly head with this one and he says a lot of things that he will never be able to take back. Unfortunately, for you this has become not only awkward but life consuming, as you are always playing referee and never just able to hang out with your two favorite people in the world. Even after you have expressed to your bro that she may be “the one”, he still seems to have an unidentified issue with her. Now, you have to choose between the two.



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