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10 signs your relationship is already dead – See this to stop wasting your time!

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Signs your relationship is already dead: It’s never easy to realize that it is time to end your relationship. Even if it seems like the right decision, that does not make it an easy one. There is nothing more damaging than being in an unhealthy relationship, but sometimes you need to be removed from that relationship to see how unhealthy it was. Your partner holds too much of an impact on your life going forward, to be with someone that is not making you feel like your best self.


It is up to you to determine what makes a healthy relationship. It is also up to you and your partner, to communicate properly to make sure each others needs are being met.

Relationships can take a lot of work and constant effort to keep operating. This may be even more paramount as the relationship gets ‘older’. Yet for every relationship out there that is successful, there are people that should not be together. It may not always be spelled out to you in super obvious ways that you need to leave. This can lead to many relationships going on for far longer then they should. Situations like living together or expenses or kids are just some of the examples that may make leaving a relationship all the harder. You must not forget that you always deserve to be loved. You deserve to be respected and with a partner that you treat with that same respect. If you are wondering if your relationship is dead, even if you haven’t explicitly said it, perhaps this will offer some insight.

10. You Prefer Being Alone 

Why would you look forward to not interacting with your partner? For some people in an unhealthy relationship, they may feel their partner is constantly weighing them down. At least when they are sleeping, you know you will not get into a fight. It is totally natural to want to have time to yourself or your own space. Yet if you find yourself actively excited about when your partner is not around or interacting with you, then what are you doing there? Make sure that your partner coming home from work is one of your favourite parts of the day. Not the part where they left you alone.



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