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12 things that are absolute turn offs to men – See this now!


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Turn offs to men: It’s not exactly a secret that there are certain things that are always going to turn men on. Women in bikinis or lingerie come to mind. Of course, men are individuals and have specific preferences when it comes to attractiveness, but a confident woman who isn’t afraid to own her sexiness is usually at the top of the list.


In addition to being enchanted with the female form, there are several other things that most men wouldn’t object to when it comes to what they like in a woman. For instance, a woman who can cook, knows how to laugh and have a good time, and doesn’t enjoy nagging could all be turn-ons. However, there are also some things that are complete turnoffs to men. If you’re looking for a relationship, just getting to know someone special, or have been in a relationship for quite some time, it probably wouldn’t hurt to get a refresher course on what guys don’t like.

It’s been said that guys are easy to please. Supposedly, all men need are regular, hearty meals, time alone and well…you know. So, to save your relationship (or successfully get into a new one), here are a few turnoffs that men want you to know about.

12. Flakiness 

A woman who has her life together is a huge turn-on for a guy. Being flaky, which can be displayed in ways like always showing up late and being extremely selfish, are character traits that are sure to make a guy run the other way. When a man is serious about you, he wants to know that you prioritize people other than yourself. If you need to keep track of your schedule with a calendar or reminders on your phone, use these tools to make sure you don’t come across as flaky and uncaring. We can all be forgetful sometimes, but it’s worth the effort to be organized.

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