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13 items your girlfriend will never admit she owns

13 Items Your Girlfriend Will Never Admit She Owns 700x345

Items your girlfriend will never admit she owns: Do you ever wonder what your girlfriend is hiding from you? Do you believe that she keeps secrets only because she is too embarrassed to admit that she needs that particular item or she is interested in something that, for lack of a better word, is considered taboo? Guys you are not alone here; there are many men out there who are enduring the same hardships that you are, the hardship of dealing with a girlfriend who is embarrassed by some of her habits.


Girls have a tendency of wanting to seem perfect to their significant other and if this includes hiding their flaws or their natural born traits, they will do it. Some people can’t take embarrassment and maintain the fact that they will die right there and then if they are openly embarrassed about something that was supposed to remain private and confidential.

Your girlfriend probably has more interesting things than you can collect in your lifetime. You may never know that she owned several sex toys during your whole relationship or that she is not a natural blond. You probably won’t know that she was previously engaged or already has her future wedding venue picked out and paid for. Women will do whatever is necessary to hide what they feel, and hide what will make them look unsavory in any way. Hell, she probably owns more Maxim magazines than you do. One word of advice, don’t lead on that you have found any of her little secrets, because chances are you may not have a girlfriend at the end of the night. Here is a list of items that your girlfriend is too embarrassed to admit she owns.

13. A Cookbook

Every girl wants to appear as though she is the perfect specimen and unless she is in the culinary field, you will not find a cookbook lying around her house. Why not? Because she wants to appear to be naturally capable in as many things as possible. She may be embarrassed that she needs the assistance of books, TV shows and the internet to cook a simple meal for her man, but at the end of the day, it’s all about impressing her guy and setting herself up for wifey status. What is more impressive than cooking a delicious meal without the help of a book?



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