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15 movie sex scenes that will make you horny.. (With Pictures)

Movie sex scenes that will make you horny – There’s no denying that movies have changed over the years. A key issue has been the presentation of sex. It was once never discussed openly and of course never even shown but the 1960s brought about a lot of change in that regard.


It addressed sex in a real manner, open about what was once ignored and drove plenty of major hits over the years. It also kick-started the adult entertainment industry that remains a major cash cow today even with the advent of the Internet.

However, Hollywood isn’t backing down and in some cases, trying to top the adult film industry if they can. There have been slews of amazing sex scenes in mainstream films over the years, some funny, some gritty, a few letdowns but others quite thrilling. To pick the best of the best seems impossible but here are 15 of the most notable. These are scenes that may not be as utterly graphic as in adult films but are still incredibly hot, erotic and amazing that still get attention.

15. Wild Things


The plotline of this 1998 thriller looks straightforward: accused of assaulting a student (Denise Richards), a teacher (Matt Dillon) is put on trial before another supposed victim (Neve Campbell) admits the story was made up. Dillion wins a huge settlement and it then turns out all three were working this con together. From that point, the movie leaps into so many twists, turns, double and triple crosses that it’s not until all the way through the credits that you realize who was scamming whom. What is more famous are the sex scenes as Dillion, Campbell and Richards go at it in a great threesome in bed, Richards showing off her ample breasts as they get into it with differing scales of passion. Better is the scene where Campbell and Richards fight in a pool before making out topless, so hot together you expect the water to turn into steam. The plot is fun but it’s the way the movie pushes boundaries in sex scenes that makes it a favorite today with three leads going at it nicely.

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