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15 successful actresses who didn’t make it because of their looks (+Photos)

15 Successful Actresses Who Didn’t Make It Because Of Their Looks

Successful actresses: On any given page of any given issue of any given magazine, there is at least one beautiful woman. Be she a television actress, a movie star, or a video-honey-turned-bride-of-rap-Gods (Amber Rose), any woman that Hollywood photographs is attractive. Or is she? Although attractiveness fills seats (and shorts!), a cardboard performance can still ruin a film no matter how alluring the performer may be.


Christina Aguilera is a knockout, but critics gave Burlesque mostly bad reviews citing her acting, even though she was literally playing a sexy girl with a good singing voice. Rihanna’s role in Battleship was suspiciously short, with various publications running a “Here Are All of Rihanna’s Lines From the Movie” feature, presumably because the songstress was incapable of any more depth than additional lines would have required.

Beauty might seem paramount at a glance, but actual talent is sometimes enough to power an actress’s career. The fifteen following women show this, being not ugly but rather plain, but with enough telegenic charisma to get their names up on the marquee.

15. Tilda Swinton



Tilda Swinton’s looks are so bizarre that she could be in a museum. Actually, she did performance art for the MoMA in New York. The piece, called “The Maybe,” showed the Bowie doppelganger sleeping inside a glass box. Although it might seem like a plea for attention or a jolt to a stalling career (Shia LaBeouf “[IS] NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE”), her career is doing just fine. She was nominated for a Golden Globe in 2012 for We Need To Talk About Kevin. However odd her appearance, the camera eats her up like candy and she enlivens whatever she appears in.

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