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20 celebs you didn’t know are cat lovers (With Pictures)



Celebs you didn’t know are cat lovers – Cats are not for everyone, but we have to admit, when we see an adorable kitten, we can’t help but let out a big “aww!” There are those who adore cats and those who hate them, but today we are going to focus on the celebrities that call their cats their best buds.


Here is our list of 20 Celebs You Didn’t Know Are Cat People. Now we all know that Katy Perry is a purrfect lady, and that Taylor Swift puts so much importance on her cats that she enlisted a fan to cat-sit for her. But what about the other celebs on our list? We had no idea that they were as into cats as they actually are.

From an actor who seems to like those big felines the best, to a singer who had the heartbreaking reality of giving away her cat because her hubby was allergic, we have 20 celebrities her who love nothing more than curling up with their cute feline friends. There is also something endearing about a person who places so much importance on and such love into a little animal. Plus, it is so beyond hot to see a gorgeous man getting cozy with a little kitty. Swoon!

So we hope you enjoy our list and take the time to appreciate what animal therapy can do for a person.

20. Liam Hemsworth


If being a cat person is wrong then we don’t want to be right because Liam Hemsworth is one hot guy who looks even hotter when he is clutching a little kitten. We know Liam from his acting roles on the big screen, particularly in The Hunger Games film series. Well, we may not ever see him cuddling with a kitty in those movies, but Liam definitely has a sweet spot for cats. While it may be hard to imagine based on his character from the films, Gale, in real life, it seems as though Liam is just a big softie. And we would love so much to be that little kitten and just nestle in Liam’s big strong arms.

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