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6 Reasons your kids should NEVER attend private schools – Make sure you see this!

3. Lack of knowledge:  This is a factor that should be looked at drastically because it is as a result of the inability to discipline a pupil that makes some of them dullards.

For example, a teacher will finish explaining an equation to the learners and will ask if they understood it, they will say” YES” whereas they do not, and they would not even bother to ask the teacher because most of them are just too lazy to take the pain. This why many of them fail external examinations.



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  1. Bilah says

    this is total BULL SHIT! You have no right to say nonsense or condemn private schools!! Why would you write up such stuff? The bad eggs in the society are those who attended private schools? Nonsense! I attended private schools all my life… You probably never had the opportunity to attend one in your whole lifetime… Grab a life Asshole

  2. Shalom says

    This is a whole bunch of rubbish, have uu seen public school products, go to awodi ora, ajegunle, Wilmer, a place in apapa called boundary and scout for the private school kids because uu will obviously see the public school kids roaming aimlessly

  3. Shalom says

    This is just total wrong information, those useless teachers at the public schools do not even care much, they just want to get paid at the end of the month and the pupils are thugs from an early age…….

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