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7 Unfortunate signs you crush will be very boring in bed


Signs you crush will be very boring in bed – I’ve had bad sex numerous times. One ex-boyfriend treated my vag like a hole in the wall — and he went drilling! Another confused it with my butthole (ouch!). But my worst sexual experience was with my ex: he lacked passion and desire, and was so lazy that he always wanted me on top.


Unfortunately, I had lackluster sex for years. What can I say? I was blinded by fear. I didn’t want to become a solterona!

You don’t have to suffer the same fate. How do you know your hombre will be bad in bed? A few studies may just have the answer:

1. He watches a lot of porn:

Most men love porn. However, if he can’t get it on without a porn flick in the background (bow chicka wow wow!), the sex might just suck.

A study concluded that watching porn excessively causes a surge in dopamine which eventually re-wires the brain. The more porn he watches, the more likely he will desensitize to pleasure. Over time, he’ll lose interest in sex — or you’ll have to bend like a pretzel to turn him on.

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