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8 personal facts you should NEVER EVER reveal on a first date – Make sure you see this!


first date

Personal facts you should NEVER EVER reveal – Plus: why it’s a good idea to save some of your quirks for date number two. Honesty is a wonderful virtue and is a major part of every good relationship.



But you don’t tell a prospective employer you have a shoplifting problem and can’t get along with co-workers. You don’t tell a cop who pulled you over for a taillight that you have a bag of pot under your front seat.

And you don’t tell your new squeeze all of your twisted little secrets.

If you want a relationship to develop, put your best foot forward and let discretion be the better part of honesty.

There are some things a woman should just never admit on a date. There is plenty of time, once trust and love have developed, to tell him everything he needs to know.

But here are some things he never needs to know.

1. You don’t have a job.

You don’t want to lie and say you’re employed if you’re not, but it’s not the best thing to lead off with.

If you’re on food stamps and have a housing voucher or your parents still support you, that may look like a sign of weakness and a threat that you could become dependent on him — or that you’re looking for a meal ticket and not a boyfriend.

2. You slept around in college or high school.

Your youthful experiences are your own private business. Too much casual sex is not going to send a good signal. As they say on the interwebz, just STFU.

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