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Common underwear mistakes that can harm your vagina – See this now!

Mistake (4.) Thongs


Even if thong underwear is more your granddaughter’s speed than yours, keep this tip in mind: If you have a propensity to get yeast or bacterial infections, thongs will only make things worse.


“Thongs can be a unique transport vehicle for bacteria from the back to the front,” says Dr. Moore, referring to the spread of E. coli from the anus to the vaginal area. “There’s a lot of movement with the thongs, sliding back and forth—it doesn’t stay in place,” she says.


Dr. Dardik agrees: “Thong underwear can be more irritating, because it has more contact with vaginal and vulval area, but that doesn’t mean women can’t wear them — you just have to find right type for you,” she says. Meaning, if you like wearing thongs and they don’t cause you discomfort, then go for it. “Just because women become grandmothers, it doesn’t mean they need to wear big ‘granny’ underwear,” she adds.



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