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Common underwear mistakes that can harm your vagina – See this now!

Mistake (8.) Non-hypoallergenic detergent


Have unexplained itching in an uncomfortable place? Even if you don’t consider yourself to have sensitive skin, your vaginal area may disagree. “Another common irritation is a form of contact dermatitis,” says Dr. Moore.


“The No. 1 cause of that is your laundry detergent. The tissues that your panties come in to contact with are a lot more sensitive than your elbows.” She also identifies dryer sheets as irritation culprits. “Many brands have a very high concentration of perfumes in them,” she continues.


“I don’t know why we need our vaginas to smell like a garden, but I recommend that women use hypoallergenic cleaning products as much as possible.” Dr. Dardik concurs, the milder the better.



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