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How my boobs got so big – Ghanaian actress, Ella Mensah confesses

Ghanaian actress, Ella Mensah, who is currently in Nigeria shooting a movie, says she wants to be the best Ghanian actress in Nollywood. Looking at her busy schedules since she first hit Nollywood in 2012, it appears the actress may have an ace up her sleeves.


Her most notable films include Educated Housemaids, 11am, Mirabel, Crime to Christ, Playboy, Couples on Fire to name a few.

But one feature you cannot miss about the Ghallywood star is her taunting big boobs with deep cleavage. In this exclusive interview with Showtime Celebrity, she talks about how her boobs got big, her journey in Nollywood, and more:

Excerpts Below:

How has life in Nollywood been so far?

It’s all right. The only difference between Nollywood and where I come from (Ghana) is that they shoot more in Nollywood – you are always working. In Ghana, we don’t have many producers, but there are many producers here and if you want to shoot everyday, you shoot everyday but not all the scripts are good. The difference is that here, you work a lot.

What has been your most daring role in a movie?

The daring thing I did was one movie I shot last year where I had to take off my bra. They didn’t show my front, they showed my back, like my back being bare, no bra and all that but I can’t remember the movie title now.

You said there’s a difference between romantic scene and sex scene?

Yeah, a lot of people get confused about romantic scenes and sex scenes. Being romantic to someone and having sex with someone is not the same. You can be romantic to someone without sleeping with the person and sleeping with someone is not being romantic. Sex is sex, romance is another thing altogether. Being romantic to someone is not having sex with the person; sex is different. Sex scenes and romantic scenes are different, people should just get it

What has been your most daring sexual role in a movie?

I’ve had more than ten movies where I had to do a sex scene or seduced someone. There’s one movie I did ‘Educated Housemaids’ where I had to seduce a millionaire’s son and I thought the only way to get him was to sleep with him. A lot of people think sex scenes are real but they are not real because there are so many people behind the scene. You might think that we are under the duvet doing something, we are not doing anything because we put on bum shorts, suits and all that faking things, acting like we’re moaning and all that. It’s all acting

I think Ghana movies have crossed the lines many times when it comes to soft porn?

What people don’t get is that going nude in Ghanaian movies is not all nude. There’s something called ‘cuts and paste.’ If you’re shooting a movie and they say you should take off your bra and then the camera wants to zoom to your front, it’s not your real breast they show, I just want people to know.



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