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15 Reasons your girlfriend hates your friends..


Reasons your girlfriend hates your friends – Girlfriends are easily one of the greatest accomplishments for an adolescent male. We actually convinced a gorgeous someone to buy into the idea that we are some kinda DIY prince charming project. So when all is said and done, the honeymoon period flies on by.


The woman who was once a walking billboard for positivity and spontaneous thrills seems to have the slightest distance when you say, “I can’t tonight, babe. I’m going out with the guys.” We find ourselves stranded on the end of a timeline we didn’t even know existed and we have the following realization: “My girlfriend hates my bros…” Many people fail to truly understand why they dislike our Saturday night drinking buddies or our rowdy co-workers, but I have done the work and cracked the code.

Before we dive in, we need to establish an important formula so we can solve some equations. The first one is the transitive property of your bros suck. This is a unique formula that means she will blame a lot of negative qualities about you on your friends. For her own mental health she will try and see you as a caterpillar trying to morph into a butterfly, thus any atrocious quality you have must be because you’re a product of your environment. It’s your “bros” that are dragging you down with them. Got it? Good! Let’s do this.

15. You May Or May Not Have Made A Previous “Contract”

I have mentioned my theory of girlfriend contracts through different publications, interviews and scientific journals, but this is the latest definition. Back in college you were probably required to take an entry level business class on what the true meaning of a legal contract was. Remember? Well, take all of that and back it over with a truck. Girls will take the following words and phrases as a synonym for “yes!”

“Maybe,” “We’ll see,” “Let me check my schedule,” “Depends,” “If I have the money”

The list doesn’t stop there as this is a running theory, but if you made a promise and you decide to bail on her for your buds… she’s going to start getting jealous over the amount of time you spend with them. It will turn into the kind of situation where she’s in a corporate level competition for your time on weekends and remember there is no war without casualties.

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