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The 10 cruelest dictators still alive today (With Pictures)

1. Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe – Rules With An Iron Fist


Robert Mugabe has been Zimbabwe’s first and only president since 1987. For over three decades, Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe with a corrupt and racist iron fist.

Zimbabwe is bankrupt and rife with debt, the inflation rate is ridiculous, the health care system is a mess, millions are starving and impoverished, unemployment is shockingly high, and you can forget about the notion of freedom of speech. Mugabe’s reign has also been shaped partially by his homophobic and racist tendencies, and he is quick to persecute anyone who looks at him the wrong way. Mugabe is also responsible for a genocide in Matabeleland which killed over 20,000 people and the land reform policy in the 2000’s which resulted in hundreds of thousands becoming homeless and left millions worse off. Finally, there’s widespread corruption that has been prevalent throughout his reign and has not only kept Mugabe in office for far too long but has also seen exorbitant amounts of money being embezzled into his own pockets.

Wishing death upon someone is horrible but Mugabe is very old and he could possibly croak at any moment, which is the only thing going for Zimbabwe at the moment.

, therichest

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