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The 10 cruelest dictators still alive today (With Pictures)

8. King Mswati III, Swaziland – The Playboy King


King Mswati III is Swaziland’s ruling ‘absolute monarch’ and is probably more fit to lead Charlie Sheen’s life than the life of a ruler.

After inheriting the crown at age 14 and having his mother help with important matters until he was 18, he then proceeded to Joffrey (see Game Of Thrones) his way through life. He lives a lavish lifestyle whilst his country is gripped with poverty; he has resisted democratic reforms and subjected Swaziland to a violent and repressed regime; and he has let Swaziland become the country with the highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world. Oh, and he is also a fan of polygamy, marrying 14 women, most of whom were under-aged when he married them.

Just to show how little he cares about whatever he does as king, he performed a ‘rite’ that banned women under 18 to have sex in an attempt to address the HIV/AIDS issue, only to completely forget two months later when he married his 13th (and under-aged) wife. The penalty for breaking his own rite? A cow, which was admittedly paid in full.



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