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The 10 cruelest dictators still alive today (With Pictures)

7. Isaias Afewerki, Eritrea – Worst Dictator In Africa



Eritrea is the most closed off and repressed country in Africa and has arguably the worst human rights record of any country in the world. Even North Korea somehow has a better human rights record than Eritrea and that country is ruled by a man-child who looks like a balloon. This is all due to Isaias Afewerki, Eritrea’s first and only president so far.

Under Afewerki’s totalitarian regime, he holds all the power and calls all the shots for the entire country. As such, the people of Eritrea have been subjected to extrajudicial killing, torture, rape, indefinite national service and forced labour. Media freedom is virtually non-existent, the people live in poverty, all the essentials have all but disappeared, and those brave enough to stand up and speak are usually silenced by imprisonment or execution.

Afewerki and Eritrea has been subjected to scrutiny from the UN for crimes against humanity and there may be some hopeful developments out of the country to come.



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