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The 10 cruelest dictators still alive today (With Pictures)

6. Aleksandr Lukashenko, Belarus – Europe’s Last Dictator


Aleksandr Lukashenko was voted into power in 1994 and has done his best at being a despicable leader.

Since taking office, Lukashenko has been responsible for getting rid of democracy, and any form of free speech and media influence. Political opponents have always been conveniently silenced and the parliament has been sent into permanent emasculation. Lukashenko himself is an old-school conservative person who speaks his mind, no matter how stupid his thoughts are. This probably explains why Belarus is one the the few countries that still has the death penalty, why Lukashenko is particularly keen on bringing the ancient concept of ‘serfdom’ back as an attempt to ‘improve’ efficiency, and why he thinks Hitler wasn’t actually too bad of a guy.

Lukashenko’s reign has been derided enough that he has been given the slightly insulting (or complementary) nickname of ‘Europe’s Last Dictator.’



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