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The 10 cruelest dictators still alive today (With Pictures)

 2. Omar al-Bashir, Sudan – The Racist Ruler


Omar al-Bashir became President of Sudan in 1989 after a bloodless military coup. His reign since then however, has been considerably bloodier as Omar has cultivated a reputation for being amongst the most atrocious dictators still out there.

First there was the second Sudanese Civil War which lasted twenty two years and caused the death of millions through warfare, drought, and famine. Next there was the racially-charged genocide in Darfur where hundreds of thousands were killed and many more were forced to flee from the carnage. Finally, there’s Omar’s brutal reign over the Sudanese people in which he began implementing Sharia Law in Northern Sudan, abolished the Legislative Assembly, banned political parties and trade unions, banned freedom of speech, and issued out purges and executions.

The UN has issued an international arrest warrant for Omar and everyone has their fingers crossed that they get him this time.



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