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The 10 most common lies girls tell their boyfriends – Guys, see this now!


Most common lies girls tell their boyfriends – Relationships are built on trust and honesty and when both of those qualities go out the window, expect great problems that will ultimately break up your relationship.


It is safe to say that most (if not all) women have told a little white lie in all of their relationships; telling a lie does not make you a horrible person and there doesn’t always have to be a negative connotation behind it. A little white lie can help avoid a confrontation that you know could be disastrous, keep your significant other out of trouble or even help you to express how your truly feel. However, usually to keep the peace women lie about the most basic of things and yes, you love her so you let it slide but in the back of your mind you can’t help but think that something is going on with that guy who is supposedly just her best friend, and why she just won’t admit that she is mad when you know that she is mad. These common and petty lies are both hurting and helping your relationship, but they are essential to keeping your relationship in check. You will quickly realize that when she starts being 100% honest about how she really feels, you are in for a lot of trouble. Guys read on to see the top 10 lies women commonly tell in a relationship and please remember we are doing it to protect you.


10. “Nothing Happened, I Swear”

You have caught her in a compromising position, yet she can still look at you and say “babe, nothing happened, I swear.” This lie is so common in a relationship from both ends; however, it is more believable coming from a woman. Are you going to look at your girlfriend and say “you’re lying”? No guy does that (not the first time, at least). Nothing happened can mean so many things; it can mean the obvious, like we crossed the line slightly but I stopped myself before it got too far. It can mean things got completely out of hand and if it was you, you would break up with me. However, it can also mean that she really didn’t do anything but when you’re following your gut, what are the chances of that?

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