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10 Reasons why you should NEVER get back with your ex..

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Reasons why you should NEVER get back with your ex – Breakups hurt. There’s no two ways around it. Whether you were the one who decided that you two just couldn’t be together anymore or you’re the one who was dumped, and whether it happened completely out of the blue (although ending a relationship is rarely a decision one makes out of thin air) or you could feel it coming for a while, it hurts.


And of course it would. Here you spent months, possibly years with this person, shaping your life to include them, spending your present together and planning your future as a twosome. Then, all of that is ripped away from both of you. Now you’re alone, left in the aftermath with far more free time than you know what to do with. It’s no wonder that even someone who did the dumping (who we’ll refer to as the dumper from here on out to make everyone’s lives easier) can feel shaky about their decision and eventually renege, asking the dumpee if they want to get back together.

In the months after a breakup, when you’re still raw and heartbroken and painfully in love, reuniting with your ex may be all you want. You lay awake at night and long for the day when they may call you (okay, let’s be realistic; text you) and confess their undying love while admitting to having made a huge mistake. The phone call would end with them begging to be with you again, and suddenly you’re the one with all the power who can make the decisions. You could laugh in their face and make them hurt as much as they’ve hurt you, but more realistically, you’d say yes. Here are some very compelling reasons why you may want to rethink that decision.

10. You Broke up for a Reason


You’re crying and listening to your couple’s song over and over again on repeat. Your mind is flooded with memories of your relationship both good and bad, but you must admit that the good memories outweigh the bad ones. In fact, your mind is recalling events that had happened so long ago that you had completely forgotten about them. It’s like a cruel form of mental torture.

Research has proven time and again that when it comes to your ex, your brain tends to put on rose-colored glasses, warping reality to accommodate what you want to recall. However, every relationship has its bad times, and yours had enough bad times that were so severe that it led to the breakup. Every time you start to get misty over what happened between you and your ex, remind yourself that you split up for a reason.

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